"Whether Your Glass is Half Full or Half Empty...We'll Make it Taste Better"

With over 24 years of water purification experience in the valley, we at Arizona Quality Water Conditioning (AZQW for short) can answer all of your water questions and recommend the right solution to your water problem. 

AZQW specializes in the professional installation of drinking water systems and water conditioning systems with a full-service, on-site repair center. Licensed, bonded and insured ROC#207644. 

AZQW Products and Services
  • Residential Filter Service on all Reverse Osmosis
  • Commercial Water Softener Repair and Service
  • Commercial Reverse Osmosis Service
  • Residential and Commercial Installation of Water Softeners and Drinking Water Systems  
Service available on the following equipment:

Fleck, Autotrol, Sears, Culligan, GE, Clack, Ecowater, Hague, Rayne, Kinetico, HydroQuad, and more.

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Call us at 480-835-5580 or Email us for more information or to schedule a visit.

  Bob Schumacher, Owner and Operator since 1985